TIger Auto Recycling in Chicago Heights One-Ups Santa for Christmas

junk cars cash for christmas on Chicago Southside, Orland Park, Tiger Auto RecyclingSanta’s Game is Slipping


After being the undisputed hero of the Winter season the jolly one has a little PR work to do after Tiger Auto Recycling in Chicago Heights one-upped Santa by giving away cash for junk cars in Chicago, Chicago’s South suburbs and in Northwest Indiana.


Cash for Christmas in Chicago


Yes, toy trains, ipads or even Max the Tow Truck are great gifts for many around the world but the Chicago area is privy to the ultimate gift this Christmas….Straight cash homey, cashola, dollaZ, hundos, a handful of happiness or just plain money. No matter how you say it, cash for your junk, worthless car is the ultimate Christmas gift this winter in Chicago. Always the perfect fit, color and style and Tiger Auto Recycling is giving away more of it than any other junk car buyer in Chicago is willing or even able to do this holiday season.


Just like Santa, they’ll come to you but they don’t bother with a list. This junk car cash is for both the good and the naughty boys and girls of Chicago, the South Chicago suburbs and Northwest Indiana. So even if you put gum in your sister’s hair on the night before Christmas (“I didn’t do it”) we’ll still bring you cash for any junk car in any condition anywhere in Chicagoland.


Junk Car Cash in Chicago All Season Long


Unlike Santa Claus, Tiger Auto Recycling hands out their gift cash all holiday season long. They’ve got too much money for junk cars in Chicago to give it all out in one night. So if you didn’t get what you wanted under the tree just give them a call and get your dream gift – a handful of foldin’ money – and some free room in your garage or driveway.


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