The New Way to Get the Most Cash for Your Junk Car in Chicago


If you’ve sold a car to junk car buyer in Chicago anytime in the last ten years you know whatcash for junk car buyers chicago southside, orland park Tiger Auto Recycling a hassle it can be. Tiger Auto Recycling is announcing a new way to get the most cash for your junk car in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.


To put it simply – cut out the middleman!


The junk car buying process use to consist of calling local towing companies who could tow your clunker to the nearest junkyard or scrap metal recycler. There was of course a considerable amount of money lost by the junk car seller as these towing companies or “middlemen” demanded considerable amounts of money for providing essentially what was just a local tow. To have a working car towed similar distances would run $45-$75 but these guys were getting up to 5 times that just to tow junk cars a few miles away.



As one of the recycling centers that these junk cars were being towed to the guys at Tiger Auto Recycling in Chicago Heights, IL thought it was a bit of a travesty to see what the public was being charged to get their junk cars brought to them.  They’ve recently invested in a fleet of tow trucks and certified operators to go out and buy junk cars in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and all the surrounding South Suburbs, directly from anyone looking to get the most cash for junk cars, trucks and SUVs. They want to help you cut out the junk car buying middleman.


We Pay Straight Cash for Junk Cars


While so many other junk car buyers in Chicago are paying you with checks or even vouchers from the junkyard or scrap metal recycling center, Tiger Auto Recycling is paying straight cash for junk cars.


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In this business cash is king and you want to be sure that the amount of money you were promised via your free junk car quote is the same amount of money you’ll be folding in half and sticking in your pocket. Tiger’s experience and expertise allow them to give you dead on quotes over the phone and their insistence on only paying in cash for junk cars in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and all Chicago’s South suburbs means that you will always get paid more for junk cars in any condition, even without a title, through them.


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