Free Junk Car Removal Chicago

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Free Junk Car Removal Chicago Area


One simple 2 minute phone call to Tiger Auto Recycling in Chicago Heights, IL is all it takes to get fast free junk car removal anywhere in the entire Chicago area.

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It’s time to face it, there is no hope for that 96 Chrysler PT Crusier you keep telling yourself you’re going to fix up and zip around Chicago like you were in a ZZ Top video. Even if you did it’s still a Chrysler PT Crusier? Admit your mistake, cut your losses and get paid cash for owning up to it.


That’s right we’re willing to pay you cash for the PT Cruisers, Dodge Intrepids, Ford Tempos and all the other poorly designed vehicles that were no doubt headed for the junkyard before their time.  We’ll come out the same day or a time that’s convenient with your schedule, pay you cash on the spot and remove your junk car free of charge.


Chicago’s Best Junk Car Removal Equipment & Operators


As one of the few licensed junk car removal companies in the Chicago area we handle the removal of your junk car like true professionals. We have the certified tow truck operators and Chicago’s best junk car removal equipment to help you rid yourself of that eyesore that’s been taking up needed space on your property.  It doesn’t matter if your car doesn’t run, has missing tires or is wedged into a hard to reach area. To put it plainly, we have the Chicago area’s best junk car removal equipment & operators, so removing your junk car anywhere in Chicago, Chicago’s South Suburbs or in Northwest Indiana is a breeze.


Junk Car Removal in Chicago with No Title


We offer junk car removal in Chicago with no title.  In addition to handling your junk car removal like true professionals, our license will also give you peace of mind if you have to sell us your junk car with no title. Most of the junk car removal companies in Chicago are operating without a license and have to use a company like ours to ultimately get the junk car to a junkyard. We can help you cut out the middleman, pay you more, in cash and remove your junk car without a title today, anywhere in Chicago, the South suburbs and Northwest Indiana.

Call Today – Get Cash Today………………………..708-932-2589

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