5 Reasons to Use A Licensed Junk Car Buyer to Sell Your Car With No Title in Chicago

licensed junk car buyer no title, chicago Tiger Auto Recycling Inc.

If you’re trying to sell you’re junk car in Chicago with no title we have 5 very good reasons to be certain you use a licensed junk car buyer.


1) You’re Dealing With Professional Illinois Junk Car Buyers – Acquiring the license is a stringent process that requires a fairly substantial annual payment and strict accordance with Illinois laws and regulations regarding paperwork and proper disposal and recycling of your junk car and its fluids.


2) You’re Doing The Whole Green Thing – As a licensed junk car buyer in Chicago and all of Illinois for that matter you must have a property and method for properly disposing of all fluids that are required to be drained from your junk vehicle. At Tiger Auto Recycling we actually recycle and reuse up to 80% of the gas, oil and other fluids that are drained from your junk car.


3) You’re Assured Of Getting The Necessary Paperwork – When selling your junk car in Chicago, especially with no title, you want to be very certain that you get all the necessary paperwork to verify your sale and transfer of title. We’ve heard countless tales from vehicle owners who wound up getting one of Chicago’s infamous “red light tickets” after they’d already sold the car. Without the official paperwork to verify the sale, which many junk car buyers don’t provide, those unfortunate vehicle owners were forced to pay for the infraction or even multiple infractions. Licensed junk car buyers are required and keenly aware of exactly what needs to be filled out and left with the vehicle seller.


4) Peace of Mind – In an industry that’s rampant with fly-by-night companies, side-job Bobs and unscrupulous characters posting on Craigslist, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes when dealing with true professionals in an industry. At Tiger Auto Recycling we know there’s a real need for our services on many different levels and we’re proud to be able to make a living while cleaning up the enviroment and having our license is one way to show you that you’re dealing with the most capable junk car buyers in the Chicago area.


5)  You’re Going to Get More Cash – When it all boils down to it this is primarily what matters. When you deal with us you’re getting a company that has a higher level of efficiency and better connections. This means your car is more valuable to us so we’re going to pay you more for it.



We could go on but we’re pretty sure that you have enough reasons here to convince you to use a licensed junk car buyer the next time you want to sell a junk car with no title in Chicago.