Sell Your Junk Car in Chicago? Q&A

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Common Questions from People looking to Sell a Junk Car in Chicago

Q: Who can I sell my junk car to in Chicago?

A: You have plenty of options when looking to sell your junk car in Chicago. Junkyards, metal recyclers and towing companies will all pay you for your car. Google, Craiglist, Bing and are also full of willing Chicago junk car buyers.


Q: So many options on who to sell my junk car to in Chicago, which is best?

A: The two major factors that go into answering this question are ease of sale/convenience and of course, how much can you get for your junk car.  If you can drive your car to the junkyard they will often pay more than 95% of junk car buyers out there but by the slimmest of margins. In Chicago there is junk car buyer that will pay as much or more than the junkyards and come get you car whether it’s running or not free of charge. Tiger Auto Recycling has quickly become the number one way to sell your junk car in Chicago.


Q: Every Junk car buyer in Chicago says the same thing, why are you different?

A: Simple answer is we have a very professionally run business in an industry full of side job Bobs and companies that do this as their third or fourth revenue stream. Up to little over a year or so ago we strictly bought from those guys as we were one of the very few licensed junk car buyers in the entire Chicago area and they knew we paid more than anyone in Chicagoland. We decided to make the investment in a number of tow trucks that we can station throughout the City, the South Suburbs and Northwest Indiana allowing us to respond fast to your call and pay you more because we’ve eliminated the middleman in the process.


Q: If I sell you my junk car will you pay in cash if I want it.

A: We can’t imagine any other way to pay. When you sell us your junk car we will always pay you in cash, another big advantage we have over local junkyards and auto recyclers.


Q: Can I sell my junk car in Chicago without a title?

A: Yes. As a licensed junk car buyer you can sell us your junk car in Chicago, throughout Illinois and even in Nothwest Indiana without the title and get the peace of mind that all the paperwork will be filed and filed properly.


Q: How long does it take to sell my junk car?

A: If you’re looking to sell your junk car in Chicago, the South suburbs or Northwest Indiana we can make that happen today, often within the hour. We send one of our flatbed tow trucks out after we get off the phone with you, the driver verifies everything is as it should be and pays you cash money on the spot. He then loads it onto the tow truck and hauls it away for free, signed, sealed and delivered in under ten minutes.


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