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Sell junk car without title, Chicago, Southside Tiger Auto Recycling

That old car really is worth money. If you’ve lived in Chicago long enough then you know that local auto wreckers will buy just about any junk vehicle out there even if the door falls off.  At Tiger Auto Recycling we’re just as willing to buy junk cars in any condition as as any auto wrecker in Chicago. There are a few major differences between our company and all the other junk car buyers in Chicagoland that make us the logical choice when you need a local auto wrecker.


1. We pay more – guaranteed. While everyone else is saying it – we’re doing it, every day.


2. We have all the equipment and expertise to take your order, get out to you quickly and tow away your car for free. Any car in any condition, even if you’re car isn’t driveable, we have late model, flatbed tow trucks capable of winching non-operable vehicles out of tight and hard to reach areas. Even if you’re vehicle has no tires, we’re a equipped to take it away today.


3. We pay cash. At Tiger Auto Recycling we know cash is king and wouldn’t consider asking you to accept any other form of payment. While other area auto wreckers are paying with checks or worse yet, vouchers, we’re laying crisp, hundred dollar bills into the hands of our clients.

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