How to Junk Car for Most Cash

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As a public service for all the DIYers out there we’ve compiled a step by step procedure for how to junk a car for the most cash.  Yes, we do this for a living and understand that by giving away these steps it may cut into our business but it gives us a chance to show off our expertise and we think you’ll find in the long run that with the time you put into junking your car yourself, you’d end up way ahead by calling us to junk your car for you. Take the fast cash we have to offer and put it into something more lucrative.

How to Junk a Car on Chicago’s Southside (The Hard Way)

1) Assess the condition of your entire vehicle. Even if it’s not running your junk vehicle may have salvageable parts and equipment.

2) Remove all useful parts.

3) List parts on sites like e-bay, craigslist, or niche car sites.

4) Sit back and wait for the phone to ring and it will ring. The biggest part is wading through the legitimate buyers and the time wasters while also finding the time to meet with them.

5) After removing the salvageable parts from your vehicle you can start removing all fluids from the vehicle as your junk car must be free of all fluids before it can be scrapped. Most auto recycling and scrap metal yards in Illinois require removal of your gas tank and other caustic fluid resevoirs.

6) Dispose of fluids in the mandatory enviromentally safe way outlined by the State of Illinois.

7) Haul your junk car to a local junk yard or scrap metal recycling facility. If you can get it to these places yourself you’ll be paid up to 10 times more than if they’re required to tow the car in for you. You can use a tow dolly or tow bar or find access to a cheap tow truck in order to get most money for your junk car.

8) Collect payment for your junk vehicle usually paid by the pound. Be aware of extra dollars that can be made from your tires and other profitable parts of your car that many junkyards will only offer if you make them aware you’re in the know.


How to Junk Your Car on Chicago’s Southside (The Easy Way)

1) Call our Chicago South Suburbs location at 708-932-2589 or our Northwest Indiana location at 219-488-6164

2) We come to your junk car location that same day, often that same hour and pay you cash on the spot. Not a check or voucher like a lot of junk car buyers.

3) We tow away your junk car for free. No matter the condition even if it has no tires our late model flatbed tow trucks and certified operators are equipped to haul away your junk car, truck or SUV today.

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