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Auto Recycling on Chicago’s Southside


We’re a leading auto recycling company on Chicago’s Southside serving all Chicago, the South suburbs and Northwest Indiana.

At Tiger Auto Recycling we believe in re-using every part of your car or truck. After we receive your car, Tiger Auto Recycling removes motor oil, all rubber materials, and drains all fluids from the vehicle. After immediate recyclable material is removed, your car or truck is sent to the shredder where the car is transformed into three inch pieces. These peices are then recycled into new metals and other household products materials.

The oil from car fluid is treated to remove impurities, and with proper quality controls, this re-refined oil can be used once again. a more extensive re-refining processes, can strip away contaminants, and can produce a “good as new” base oil. Special additives are then blended with this base oil in order to produce re-refined lubricants, including motor oil, transmission fluid and grease.


A quick Google search for junk car buyers in Chicago will give you thousands of results with most claiming to pay top dollar for your junk vehicle.

We’ll save you a lot of dialing and waiting around by assuring you that you’ll get more money – in cash – and have the smoothest possible sale if you sell your junk car to us.

How can we be so sure? To start we have been in the junk car buying business for many years, we have great relationships with Chicago and Northwest Indiana junkyards, salvage yards and scrap metal recyclers. They know we bring in cars clean and ready to go which makes their job easier. They’ll pay us more because we make it easy to do business. We also have a network of auto parts companies that we’re able to sell salvageable parts. Our mechanics on staff are some of the area’s most skilled at parting out cars. All this means that you’re junk car is worth more to us than any of the other junk car buyers out there so we can pay you more for it. Pretty simple.

The best indication of this is that most of the junk buyers in Chicago and Northwest Indiana turn around and sell their junk cars to us. So cut out the middle man, save yourself some time and have the leading junk car buyers in Chicagoland pay you more, in cash, for your junk cars.

We’ll buy any junk car in any condition. We’ll buy you’re junk cars without a title,

Call today – Cash today. We make it so easy to sell your junk car for cash. 708-932-2589 or 219-746-3638

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  1. Looking to junk a 1998 Dodge Avenger. Car runs, and I possess the title. Looking to have it towed from my home in Homewood.

    Looking around the South Chicagoland area for competitive pricing. I would like to request a quote.


    • Hello, thanks for your inquiry. Please call me, Dan, anytime at 708-932-2589 to discuss you’re vehicle a bit further. We have a yard in Chicago Heights and tow trucks all over the Southside of Chicago. Look forward to your call and feel free to call anytime.

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