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Get the Most Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago and Beyond

Plain and simple, we pay more cash for junk cars than any junk car buyers in the Chicagoland area. Every auto wrecker, towing company and Craigslist junk car buyer makes this same exact claim but a good number of them turn around and sell your junk vehicle to us. Here’s why:


  • We’re one of the very few licensed junk car buyers in Chicagoland
  • We really do pay more for junk cars in almost every instance
  • We pay cash for junk cars, actual money, not checks or vouchers
  • We’re local with convenient auto recycling centers in Chicago Heights, IL and St John IN
  • Professional and easy to work with
  • We have a fleet of well maintained tow trucks

An Actual Licensed Cash for Junk Cars Buyer


One of our major advantages is that we’re an actual licensed cash for junk cars buyer. The requirements to obtain a license include having a facility to properly dispose of the enviromentally unfriendly portions of your junk cars, trucks and SUVs. We have two such facilities conveninently located in Chicago Heights, IL and St John, IN. Having these locations is the reason so many of the junk car buying middlemen bring their vehicles to us. When you sell your junk car to us directly you’re able to forego these guys altogether and get paid more.


Everyone Says They Pay the Most Cash for Junk Cars – We Do It


As the demand for recycled steel continues to grow so does the number of fly by night junk car buying companies all claiming to pay the most cash for your junk car.  Anyone with a pick-up truck and a tow bar can go on Craigslist and prey on vehicles owners who often have little idea what their junk or totaled vehicle may be worth. Because we’re set up as an end buyer you can have us purchase your vehicle directly anywhere in Chicagoland and we can pay you more.


Straight Cash for Your Junk Cars


We strictly deal in straight cash for your junk cars. Don’t get stuck with a less professional company that wants to pay you with a check or even worse a voucher from the junkyard or scrap metal recycling company.  We know cash is king and wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less.


We’re a Local Junk Car Buyer


We’re a local junk car buyer with auto recycling centers in Chicago Heights, IL and St John, IN. This makes a big difference in not only the amount you can get paid for your junk car but also how easy or difficult the transaction can be. Like most junk car sellers you ended up on the internet when it came time to unload your unwanted vehicle and no doubt clicked on many of the results at the top of the search results.


Most of those companies at the top of Google, Yahoo and the other search engines are marketing companies outside the Midwest or even the country who either pay for placement or are online saavy. They take the phone calls that pour in and farm them out as leads to local towing companies, auto wreckers and less marketing proficient junk car buyers. This results in an extra level in the sales process meaning not only less profit for your junk car but often less than stellar business practices by companies who have no name to protect. The internet is riddled with stories of junk car sellers being subjected to a fraction of the price quoted over the phone, no shows, exceptionally long wait times and companies ill-prepared to tow their vehicle away. When you call Tiger Auto Recycling you find the same local junk car buyer you talked to on the phone is the same junk car buyer who shows up at your location, pays you, in cash, the price agreed upon and tows away your junk vehicle for free in a highly equipped, company lettered vehicle.

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  1. Hi my name is Parnell an I have a 1995 Chevy Tahoe that I am trying to get rid of it runs but I just don’t have the space for it no more if you can help me give me a call back at (708) 335-7543 or email me and let me know how much you can give me for it.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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