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Licensed Junk Car Buyers in Chicago Heights


When it’s time to get rid of that old junk car you’ll want to make sure you deal with one of the only licensed junk car buyers in Chicago Heights, IL and the entire Chicago area. Let our license be an indication that you’re dealing with true junk car professionals. From our equipment to our employees to our expertise it will be apparent when you call us for a free junk car quote, that we take our business seriously and in the end that means we’re able to pay you more cash for your junk car in Chicago Heights and all Chicagoland.


We buy a lot of junk cars throughout Chicago Heights, Chicago, the South suburbs and in Northwest Indiana. Saavy vehicle owners sell their junk cars to us because they know:


  • We pay more for junk cars than anyone in the Chicago area
  • We pay in cash
  • We buy any vehicle in absolutely any condition
  • We have flatbed tow trucks and any other equipment needed to get the job done
  • We’re Licensed
  • We can buy junk cars without a title in Illinois and Indiana
  • We’re local
  • We’re true professionals from start to finish


The Easiest Way to Junk Your Car in Chicago Heights


We know that cash and lots of it is the biggest motivating factor when it comes time to sell your old clunker but convenience is always a nice added bonus so we make sure to give you the easiest way to junk your car in Chicago Heights and beyond.


Yes, you have options like dragging it to the local scrap metal recycler or junkyard in town but usually when you’re at the point where car heaven is the only option that’s easier said than done.  Tow dollies or hiring a tow truck are other less desirable options especially when you consider we’re a local, auto recycler based out of Chicago Heights that can come out same day, pay you as much or more cash than any of these places and tow away your junk car for free. Could it get any easier?


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